Home Automation

Home Automation


e want to help our customers build an easy‐to‐use and affordable home automation system. Our goal is to create a seamless experience where each of our products works with the technology you already have to enhance security, increase energy efficiency, and simplify your life

Imagine turning the cooling before you park your car or keep a check on the lights in your home when you’re away from it. Now imagine doing that with just a few finger strokes. AYM helps you do that and much more.

We use a lot of electronic devices but none of them talks with each other. Wouldn’t it be great if they did? AYM is your answer. A solution that will let you control each device by a press of your finger. Choose your own user interface device from our collection. Simplify life the way you like. Once fitted in your house, have immaculate control over the lighting, air conditioning, music system, home theater, home security etc.

We define a complete smart home as one that has the heating/air conditioning, lighting, security, access control, telephone, entertainment, irrigation and security systems connected to a PC with an always‐on Internet connection and software that enables the operation of all systems using a PC. The PC is programmed to automatically operate some systems by time or events or manually as desired. Since the systems in a smart home are connected to a PC and the PC is connected to the Internet, the home can be controlled and monitored from any location in the world by anyone with authorized access.


Quality Service

We at AYM Projets, always provide best quality services to our clients. Our Clients are fully satisfied with us and they take pride to getting services by Us. We don’t Compromise Quality.


Compared to other Interior Designing service providers our service price is very affordable and helpful. We just not only provide affordable services but also best quality.


We Provide Quality Support services to Clients. Our highly professional support team are well educated and well trained to provide best in class support services to our new and existing clients


The directors and management of AYM are committed to operate every aspect of the business to those standards that offer the highest possible quality of service to all clients. This is supported by a progressive management style that encourages the Quality culture throughout the Company. To reinforce this commitment a Quality Management.

The effectiveness of the Quality Management System is monitored by planned audits, management reviews and effective corrective and preventive action. All personnel have been made aware of the management commitment to this policy in particular and quality in general and are encouraged to demonstrate their own support to the system by continuous active participation.

AYM accords utmost importance to quality and takes pride in the high quality of services. The COMPANY maintains a rigorous quality control programme that includes continuous awareness, communication and implementation. The quality review process of the group begins from the outset and continues until the work is completed. Quality Assurance Reviews and Audits are meticulously documented through a comprehensive report system. The effectiveness of Quality Assurance Programme is enhanced by addressing to the customers’ concerns, analyzing problems and identifying causes and developing effective

Major Functional Areas

  • Procurement
  • Process Control
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Inspection and Test Status
  • Control of non confirming products

Customer First

AYM has created a system for receiving, recording, analyzing, forecasting and taking corrective actions on all non‐ conformities/complaints pointed out by customers. Customer complaints are entertained through corrective and prevention action.

Classification of Training

AYM is committed to provide a complete range of training required by its employees to perform their assigned responsibilities. This includes orientation training; job/equipment related training, managerial, quality system training and refresher training.

Determining Training Needs

All employees are annually assessed by their managers to determine adequacy of their existing training / qualification, and to propose what additional training they require.